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Refurbish Offer

Have your antique, lost it's shine ? Now Refurbish it using the KitchenDepartment's Refurbishment offer & make it look like new



Refurbished Offer

What KitchenDepartment Renewed ?

KitchenDepartment Renewed is a program where you can refurbished your antique of valuable products just by filling small form. Our Specialist clean and re-polish your old antiques and make it just like new one.

Talk to Us!

Once you’ve decided to refurbish your product/s, you can get in touch with customer care at (+91) 6264 023 820 and the customer care agent will assist you over the phone, or you can fill the form, then our customer care agent will assist you

KitchenDepartment to the rescue

In case you find you need any more help from Kitchendepartment while dealing with anything, you can email Kitchendepartment at support@kitchendepartment.in

It’s that easy!